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  1. First, hello all! A short intro. I transitioned from military to sport so most of my jumps are on an RA-1 (360). I can land the shit out of them and have never not stood one up. I did my transition on a 190 and it was awesome. I flared a tiny bit high but felt if I had jumped again that day, I would have nailed it. I went back home and they have me jumping a 210. The only time I've been able to stand that up is in medium-ish winds and it was only because of the winds. I understand there are severe limitations on the help and advice I can get without a video, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I understand the physics of a flare and what you're trying to do as you flare. I've been taught the two stage flare and know it well (on the RA-1). I believe what's screwing me up is the huge speed difference between the 210 and the RA-1. I'm planning on going to the canopy course in Eloy in June and of course continuing to practice but, like I said, figured I'd reach out. Thanks everyone!! Blue skies