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    Complete Rig to sell. Very very good conditions. Sun Path Javelin 2 (serial#11205, DOM nov. 96) in very good shape. Have been modified for free fly friendly, soft handles, extractor pocket. Like new. Knife pocket. AAD VIGIL CUATRO 2021 (serial#64843) Main canopy : Icarus Safire2 149 sq ft. About 250 jumps on it. Second owner. Lines are in very good conditions. (serial#94215903) DOM Jan 08 / Looks like new. Extractor in good condition. Reserve canopy PISA Tempo 170 (serial#179409) DOM April 1997 (repack may 2023) Never been repack 40 times... but is 26 years old. So might need a porosity checkup but in real good conditions. 2700US + shipping fees Real good deal.


    Saint-Fulgence, Quebec - CA