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  1. Thanks again y'all. My only goal now is to learn & to not kill myself. That's it. I just need a jumpsuit to continue learning. But hey-good to know fat will have some kind of benefit. I'll take that as good news, for now. I don't live near any DZ, but I will consult with the one I visit most frequently on advice for buying a suit. I've asked previously but was not in a position to buy one (new or otherwise.) I've recently saved up a couple hundred & just really want to get this process going.
  2. It's my stomach-I'm 48 inches around. I carry all my weight there, it's unfortunate. I've been working out & eating well but I wouldn't mind to buy one that will fit & eventually have it tailored. Just got to find one that fits. I'm 5'4", 200 lbs. Thanks all y'all for your advice & comments.
  3. I've paid for the AFF program, and though not too heavy to jump tandem, I do not fit in the jumpsuits that 2 out of 2 DZs I've been to. I've got many jumps under my belt but all tandem, I need to buy a student jumpsuit, with the handles, to continue the AFF program. Better to invest in a jumpsuit than continue to spend money on tandems. I don't know where to start, and Google provides too wide a search. Advice?