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  1. Maybe can help. All good trackers i know recommend Cruise+.
  2. Normally there are recommendations from Tracking Suit makers on this. For example PF says you can put on a tracking suit after 80 jumps. Squirrel says after 150 and I'm talking about two piece suits. I personally tried one after 160 jumps and decided to buy me own two piece
  3. Can someone explain the theory behind stowing toggles with half brakes when packing the parachute?
  4. It's a great dropzone. Let's go through cons first. Cons: Sometimes loads go to only 9000ft : This is because Teuge is relatively close to Amsterdam Airport (Schipol) and during the day it is pretty normal that Schiphol will not allow skydiving activities over 9000ft. But this happens only for a few hours. It's still possible to make 5/6 jumps easily from 12000ft a day. No Supermarket nearby: Teuge is basically in a village or something. I've spent several nights at DZ and downside is that there is no supermarket nearby so you have to go to City (Apeldoorn) which is 5-10 minutes by car. Ask for a lift someone will drop you off. Pros: Cheap Jump tickets: jump ticket is 20 euros. That is super cheap. Aircraft will get you upto 12000ft in no time. And mostly pilots take it upto 12500 or even 13000. My logbook is full of jumps from 13000 and 12500. Some days if there is a bigway training you can go to 15000 for 25 euros. Friendly People: Everyone is super friendly there. From girls at manifest to instructors to packers. I'm a rookie but still i managed to make a lot of friends there in no time. Sometimes instructors can ask you safety related questions or give you advice but then again we all want to jump and be safe. Fast packers: If you're bored and don't want to pack your own gear then make use of packers. They pack for 5 euros and are super fast. Usually there are always 2 packers but on busy days there are even 4. And these packers are super good. Never had a hard opening on packjobs. Top Class instructors: There are some really good instructors working at Teuge. You got a question, ask them and they'll have the answer for you and in the evening grab a drink with them. Things you'd want to know: - Stay at de Wold is 10 euros per night. - There are 2 riggers next door. - When you're a guest at Teuge. Ask for steer briefing and landing briefing. - Don't be mad if you're a novice jumper and they stop you from going up because of hard wind (its for your own good) - Free Wifi is available I'd highly recommend this DZ to everyone.