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  1. Awesome input Crashprone and Hackish! Thanks for chiming in!

    @Crashprone: What did you think about the wind penetration ability at that WL and did it seem like the canopy was flying as designed?

    @hackish: Yeah, demoing sounds like a good option, Ive been in touch with Herman here in Europe. But I need to get another canopy in my rig before a few end of season events! Time to commit or end up canopy less.

    Anyone else have experience on a Zulu with a similar wingloading? 1.2-1.25 ish.

  2. Hi all, first post here on the forums.

    I'm wondering if any of the Zulu pilots could chime in with their opinion regarding low wingloading behaviour of mentioned canopy.
    I currently have the option of purchasing a Zulu 152 that would give me around 1.22 - 1.25 WL maximum.

    The official Weight-Sq.Ft conversion chart starts at 1.4 WL and slots me into the 132 canopy column for that WL number, but due to my current rig, a 132 would be too loose.

    What do all you savvy folks reckon?