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  1. I paid per jump. As I was unsure as to how far I intended to progress. There was also no price difference to paying all up front. Would have been a bummer to pay all up and then not want to proceed after one or two jumps. You tube was great for me also. I watched loads of aff so that I'd have some sort of idea what to expect. Please do keep us updated on your progress.
  2. Congrats on your tandem and new found interest I have just completed AFF only last week, so all my thoughts and feelings of the course are pretty darned fresh - which puts me in a decent position to comment, I think Having done a "tick the box - never again" tandem earlier in the year, I swore upon landing that whatever about becoming a skydiver, I had to do one more jump. That was a fact. I couldnt just walk away from that tandem and never jump again. So I signed up for AFF with the intention of doing just one jump and then re-assessing Having completed ground school and AFF1, I thought, "sure, I'll do the next one and see..." I was just sort of terrified on AFF2 for some reason and I thought on the plane that this was it for me - no more after this one - skydiving was not going to be my bag But I couldnt walk away without doing another one and letting "the fear" get the better of me - I thought to myself "all i have to do is 5 more to complete this darned course and then I close this stupid chapter and walk away from it all" AFF3, it was the greatest jump ever - totally let go by both instructors and just falling on my own (they were right beside me of course) The following days, I bought a proper hard back log book, alti, goggles and helmet - commitment!! That was it - I was going to finish the course and most likely, keep going. AFF4 called for a repeat and AFF5 was a breeze AFF6 & 7 are possibly the most fun I've had with my pants on - brilliant, brilliant fun - and a great confindence builder So with the course complete, I'm now about to step out into the solo world of consol jumps My advice to you, coming from a totally new guy fresh of the boat? Go with it - sign up for AFF and take it one jump at a time - mentally dive every single jump a hundred times - do it until you dont have to think about it - you dont (sorry, I didnt) have the mental capacity to think "whats next" on my first few jumps whilst also trying to take on board the barrage of hand signals and communications coming your way during freefall - I needed to have the dive nailed before I even loaded Do not underestimate the intensity of the first 3-4 jumps - Its not like tandem - this is you - you are the person in charge - its like getting from the passenger seat to the driver seat Its called AFF for a reason - but, it does get easier by jump 5 - the pressure is off a good bit and it then turns more into fun rather than a grilling by the instructors and the pressure to perform Go over the landing patterns and rules - watch a bunch of landings before you load - see what people are doing - dont rely on the radio - mine failed on AFF1!! Know what you're going to do before you load - study the DZ landing areas and outs - watch the weather sock! ASK ASK ASK your instructors I asked more questions in ground school than all the other 7 students combined - this stuff is important and its better to know it on the ground rather than up top, wondering You'll learn something about yourself with every single jump You'll learn patience and sitting about - use that time to talk to everyone and anyone - get someone to lay out a canopy flatpack style - it'll really give you a visual of what you've got over your head Watch some people packing Ask a million questions - but always be aware of the source - and do nothing without speaking with your instructors - they know what they're talking about and they know you I have 1 million percent faith in my instructors - they're an awesome bunch of folk - and you get a different slant from each of them - they all their ways and mannerisms - I found it beneficial that I was mixed up with each of them over the entire course - I got little bits of difference from each - just like any walk of life Now, with all that waffle over, God Speed - its the experience of a life time - I know I'm only a new guy, but if I never even jumped again, I've learned more over the last few months than I have my entire life Life is for living - not exisiting Also, these are just my ramblings - take everything I say with a pinch of salt and speak with your instructors The only absolutes in the above, are my feelings and thoughts about what I've just been through! Love to follow your story as you make your way
  3. You make a very good point - I didn't really think about that. At the time, I knew I'd gone long on my downwind, way to long so I turned 180 back without doing a base leg but I just sat there, sinking with no penetration at all. There is a row of 50ft trees right underneath me and I just knew I had to make a decision, which I did. Back 180 again downwind towards a hay field then faced the wind again and basically, just dropped vertical. So despite the fact that I'd gotten the actual pattern wrong, which was absolutely my fault, I made the correct decision to get out of it in one piece. In fairness, the CCI gave me ticking off for getting the pattern wrong but commended me for making the right decision thereafter. Jeez, its a rollercoaster!
  4. AFF course completed!! 6 & 7 jumped yesterday Unstable exit, head first exit, backflip, 360s, tracking, lower deployment. They had a bit of everything - and thoroughly enjoyable. Everyone had told me that 6 would be the real fun one, exiting into somersaults - and boy, were they right - i had a grin from ear to ear upon my first stand up!! 7 saw me have my first landing out - totally misjudged the wind - but got it down safe and had the walk of shame back - pity to go out on my graduation jump - hehe So thats it, the basics are done and now I'm probably ankle deep rather than just a toe dipped in. Really looking forward to see what the next stage brings, the con jumps. I can see this being a never ending learning to be honest - but a lot of fun. The CCI turned to me afterwards yesterday, shaking my hand telling me "you're a skydiver now" I've never been so proud of myself!
  5. AFF5 - completed, at last! Due to the usual weather/work/family constraints, I finally got AFF5 down. Got second load and nailed it. Was really "up" for this one - more excited and ready for it rather than heavy breathing scared. I bought my first alti, helmet and goggles 2 weeks ago and was feeling like an actual skydiver for the first time. Stronger winds (than I'm used to) up high made it a little difficult getting back but I did, eventually. And then as usual, totally screwed up the landing. Flaring too high yet again. Mind you, my PLF is getting plenty of practice. I'm going to have to read up a lot more on this landing stuff. I'd imagine its the most important part During debrief, I got the thumbs up on pretty much everything (excluding landing). Still need to arch that wee bit more upon exit and again during deployment. But boy, does the video look a whole lot more like a real skydiver rather than 6 jumps ago. Fantastic feeling and cant wait now for my first unstable, un-held onto exit Unfortunately, the winds picked up and it wasn't possible to get another one so now, we pray for weather...
  6. Good point! My real goal for the repeat was just to be alti aware to be honest - I got a bit of a shock when I realised where I was on the first attempt. I told this to the instructor for the repeat and that all I wanted was to jump again and be alti aware - whatever about passing the jump. He understood but said "lets plan to pass it anyway" which was a great idea in hindsight. Trust your instructors!
  7. AFF4 passed on the 2nd attempt. Had a total "brain fart" I believe it is called - did nothing at all except deploy, just about on time. Very strange. Re-jumped again the following day and got it right this time. Really enjoyed it too. Both canopy rides were really enjoyable. Feeling a lot more comfortable about it now. And almost stood up my first! A little more flare and I'd have got it. Fingers crossed for more decent weather next wknd.
  8. AFF3 passed! Nailed it - was solo for most of the fall, once stable upon exit - absolutely incredible to see the instructor beside me giving thumbs up and smiling - oh man, that was so special. They came in again for deployment but said they didnt really need to do anything - that I was solid. The most incredible jump - I think it could also be something to do with not having 100 tasks to take care of too. I could actually just "chill" and remain stable without next, then next, and next task. Took a bit of a left turn without meaning to do so but corrected it and brought myself back on heading - all nice and slow and steady. Delighted with myself
  9. Hi there. With the IPC Irish Parachute Club in Clonbullogue, County Offaly. You can find them at Skydive.ie. They are generally open Saturday and Sunday. With sometimes Friday from lunchtime. I think during the summer, they may also do Wednesday evenings. obviously, it's very weather dependant in this wet country of ours.
  10. AFF2 passed on Saturday - super jump! Dead nervous on the way up but "in the zone" by jump time. Cannot WAIT for AFF3. Jeepers, this stuff is addictive.
  11. Jeepers - you're one jump ahead of me and that gives me the willies! It looks like you're not arching - would that be the main issue here?
  12. Aff1 passed yesterday! Wonderful feeling of achievement and delighted with myself and the instruction received
  13. So I got the ground school passed on Saturday. 8hrs of pretty intense brain work out. Too windy to jump in the evening and Sunday was too wet. But this weekend is looking like it could be good. Running through the exit sequence, the dive, the deployment and opening sequence and the EPs over and over in my head. I want them to be totally visualized and ready to go for Saturday. Still need to work on the landing part a bit more, mentally. I really don't want to be making too many decisions on the day. Fingers crossed.
  14. Thanks skymama Arch, relax and trust your instructors are probably the things I keep hearing the most That and altitude awareness
  15. Did my first tandem in California in Feb and now starting AFF in 2 weeks here in Ireland - can't wait! Have spent the last month on this site reading everything I can - trying to get it all to soak in. Really looking forward to the ground course & instruction. Fingers crossed I'll get up the following day. Unsure as to the nerves compared to the tandem - I was pretty comfortable about the tandem as I had absolute trust in the Instructor. This time, its me that has to do everything. Well, most everything. Thanks to all for such a wonderful resource of knowledge!