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  1. Peeks approach makes so much more sense to me... I would have no problem at all repeating the entire AFF theory and doing an AFF 1 jump. If I can prove I can fly I believe I would benefit more from a more personalised approach imo. I guess it depends on the instructor then... I do agree we should at least cover ALL the material a regular AFF progression covers, including canopy skills... More if possible.. You can't know what you don't know.
  2. I did about 30 jumps a little over 10 years ago (AFF, WARP jumps, some solo jumps and a few formations) but had to quit that summer to get enough money to start my own business. Don't have any licenses whatsoever. Over the years I periodically spent some time in the wind tunnel. It's hard to let it go, right? This past winter for example, I spent about an hour in the wind tunnel with a coach. I'm absolutely no expert, but I can fly belly in all directions and do some back flying too. At a minimum, I can control my body in freefall, stay stable and more... Went to my local DZ yesterday to inform what it would take to get back in the sky again. The answer: do the complete AFF course again. I feel like I am not going to learn much if I just do AFF again. It's not that I don't know how to fly or that I am oblivious to how a parachute words, safety/emergency procedures and how to inspect and fly a canopy. I remember my AFF course as if it was yesterday and have kept somewhat up-to-date by reading this forum and studying the AFF course material. I realise I can't just go jump out of a plane without any supervision. But I was hoping a refresher course and several refresh jumps with an instructor would suffice to get up-to-date again. What's your opinion? Is a doing AFF all over again absolutely necessary? Do you have any experiences with people with a similar background? PS: I do agree it's better to be safe than sorry... PS2: I posted this intentionally in the instructors forum (if inappropriate, please move)