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  1. I recently went on a road trip through the northwest and stopped at a lot of dropzones along the way, big and small. This was by far my favorite dropzone. The only con I could possibly see to this dz is the plane. They have a 206 right now, however, we were still getting about 12,000 feet every jump for $21. Not to mention this dz has a ton of potential to grow. The two owners I had the most interaction with were Dave and Natalie and I can't say enough good things about them. Additionally, their entire staff was fun to be around. They were so nice to me from the moment I showed up and I had the time of my life. They truly care about fun jumpers and their whole staff was jumping with me. Their landing area was very nice as well. On another note, if you are looking to do a tandem, I would also recommend this place. They were extremely nice and professional to all their tandems that came in that day. I would highly recommend going to this dz over their neighbors at Skydive Oregon. I didn't really enjoy my experience there and they didn't really seem like they enjoyed skydiving... I would take the small plane and awesome dz at PNW over the big plane and mediocre dz at SDO any day.