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  1. From the reviews I've read, it seems the staff may have changed since I've been there. (October 2014) Mike Stone is the new owner and is great about being communicative. My boyfriend and I did our first tandem in October because Groupon was running a special. We went up and they were running a 2nd tandem special, we bought 4 more jumps before we even went up. Great time, the instructors (Jay and Joe) were awesome about letting us know what to do. When we landed we scheduled to go again the next weekend. The second tandem was as great, if not better/more enjoyable for me, as the first. 3 weeks later we decided to start our AFF training course the day after Thanksgiving, because that was the only day we were able to take off work. Again, very accomodating staff. Mike and Aaron are our AFF isntructors, both very hands on and answered all questions I had. Very professional and relateable at the same time. Our first solo jumps went amazing, as well as the second and third. We have three jumps left and would love to go every day until we're finished if time/money would allow. All the staff at SCS is wonderful, this last jump we even stayed after and pitched in for food. Two recently graduated AFF students did a few jumps that day and stayed after as well, Mike was great about introducing everyone to each other. Overall, great place. They have a temperature controlled area inside, with a bathroom, vending machine, and seating. Outside they have seating, picnic tables, cornhole, and horseshoes. Although, hearing the instructors talk about their experiences is much more entertaining to me. The skydiving family they've built is wonderful and I can't wait to be up there more once it starts getting warmer!