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  1. I was going to try and find a greyhound coach but wasn't sure about how often they run/where they run from, on the money front I'm trying to get a new card sent out to me so I can be transfered money from my parents, is there a good website to look at coach times? And can I pay on the day or do I need to book in advance? On the note of skydive Sebastian, does anyone know if there is a store near there because I will need to buy a tent, once again Thankyou everyone
  2. Hi all, I want to just ensure everyone I am a skydiver, the reason I have nothing on my profile is I never have had to use dropzone before and was recommended to put it on here by a friend, the tickets to Fort Lauderdale were prebooked so that is how I could afford them, this is not a scam or a hoax, this is a serious thread and I'm just a bit shocked with the reaponse, the dick comment I made I apologise for, I just wasn't expecting a comment like that when I wrote a post like that, I understand that you get a lot of scams, my main purpose was to find help on what to do, I have never been in this situation before and that's why I wanted help Once again I'm sorry if I have offended anybody from my post or comment
  3. Didn't know we had a comedian here! With a name like that your blatantly over compensating for a small problem
  4. Hi, my name is tom and I'm a student from the United Kingdom, I have been working in America for the summer at camp America, I am travelling to Fort Lauderdale on the 1st of September and need to get up to skydive Sebastian, I had my wallet stolen last night, all my money, bank cards, ID etc was in there, I was wondering if anyone can help, is anyone travelling that way? Thankyou in advance for your time and help Tom