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  1. Aaaaah so exciting right?? I would love to hear how you progress. Have a blast and best wishes
  2. Hi Daniel, Welcome to the forum and your new addiction. I discovered a wealth of knowledge here and I'm sure you will as well. Try not to focus on the scary what-ifs at this point. AFF training provides intense support and will address your concerns. For now, remember how awesome it felt to do that tandem, then multiply it by a thousand ~ New student in AFF
  3. Welcome! I just started my AFF program so I share your enthusiasm! I have always been flexible, but my lower back was Still sore like crazy after ground school and the first jump. Practice full body static stretches so your body can handle the new muscles skydiving finds. Building core strength will help with your arch.
  4. Hi bzyg7, Sorry to hear. I have a teeny tiny barely on the radar number of jumps, and my only goal right now is to drag my bruised body back onto the plane, hug and thank everyone profusely for saving my newbie ass, then drive home in one piece So I'm not at the finding friends at the DZ stage, yet. That said, I thought this might help you: I've been to three DZ's. I didn't plan on that was a tandem only DZ, one turned out to be too far on. In hindsight I am so glad I spent time at 3 different places right off the bat. It really showed me how vastly different they all are! Different people, different vibe. Now I can't wait to visit other DZ's, just for fun. Visit other DZ's if at all possible so you can get a fresh perspective and meet some new friendly faces.
  5. I'm so new I have absolutely no info or advice to offer. Just - nice to meet you and sooo Jealous
  6. Hey RoadRash, Did you end up going to Spaceland and had you been there before? I don't live in Texas (California) but curious about the place and their license-in-a-week program.
  7. Thank you!! I'm getting my knees xrayed today. They look so gross lol. Still swollen and an array of beautiful colors. Lame.
  8. Hi all! I'm a swim instructor from South OC. Did my first AFF jump last weekend at Perris. Scary as hell, but hey, I did it. But the hard landing right on my knees sent me home and now some true fear has set in. The PAIN sobered me up!! Haha. Anyone out there currently completing their AFF at Perris? If so, would love to learn with someone. Otherwise, just say hello.