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  1. Thank you all for the insight. Very helpful / reassuring towards my decision. I was very confident in the move but just wanted to make sure I was thinking through it correctly.
  2. How big a deal is downsizing from a 1.04 WL on a Sabre 2 230 to a 1.14 WL on a Sabre 2 210? I am 239lbs total exit weight. It just doesn't seem that a 0.1 change has any significance at all. I have 70 jumps. Asking because I'm going from rental gear that normally will have a Sabre 2 230 or a Pulse 230, to buying my own rig (very exciting) and I don't want to go too big on the canopy as to grow out of it too quickly. On the other hand I didn't want to go too small, make too big a change, to put safety at risk (or scare the bejesus out of myself). I fly and land the 230 just fine, although I believe I land better on the Sabre 2. Thanks for any input.