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  1. Major props to you and those who jumped pre-tandem days or chose no tandem. I'm not sure if I could do that. I really appreciate opinions from you guys. This is why I love this forum. Nice being able to talk to those who have been there done that. I do feel I would benefit from one more jump with maybe being able to read altimeter and pull shoot on own accord if even allowed and more canopy flying? However, I agree the more thought I put into this anymore than one more is probably not beneficial at all. Need to be able to put on big boy pants sometime. Thanks again for input!
  2. Plan on doing AFF at skydive southwest Florida. I say 5 total because not sure if previous 2 count as part of working tandems, pretty sure they do not. So my understanding part of program will be 3 working tandems as start of AFF and not include 2 previous. Honestly would be fine with me though.
  3. great post. Describes my first two jumps to the T. First was just overcoming the entire sensation. Second felt much much better and was excited much more and was lucky enough too have great instructor to take more time with me explaining more of the jump. I think my three working tandems which will be then 5 tandems will meet the threshold of tandem effectiveness. Glad I found this forum such great input!
  4. This is why I ask! Tandems are nerve racking to newbie with really no responsibility. When it's you on your first AFF it's all you. Second tandem for sure nerves were there as they will always be but felt good and clear headed. Checked for cord 3 times and overall felt totally different than first tandem. I realize first AFF will be very scary but goal is to limit it to a bit where I don't lock up and can clearly make safe jump and remember everything taught in training without having an oh shit moment! Enjoy your advice and am looking forward to it.
  5. Curious as to how many tandems if any before AFF. I know everyone is different in approach. My first tandem was just to enjoy the ride with obviously little responsibility. My second tandem I told instructor goal is AFF one day. He was great went into much more detail about flight and let me pull shoot, which was great. The second time nerves were minimal, but still there obviously. I am just curious to your choice as to when AFF was right. I feel maybe one or two more I would feel ready to tackle it. Any personal experience would be great.
  6. Thanks for the link. Actually will be in Orlando this week and hotel is down street from ifly. So if I have time gonna head over there.
  7. Hello all! I never thought I'd join a skydiving forum, but here I am. Did a tandem out of SWFL club in Punta Gorda with Roy and had the best time of my life as you all know the joy I experienced. However, I want more and I never thought I would ever have desire to do it again, but I do. I figured once my feet hit the ground I be kissing the ground and have feet remain there for rest of my life! When people say they can't put a feeling into words, now I know what they are talking about. My plan is to do another tandem with them in January and make sure I feel the same, then would like to look into AFF possibly. To the mistake though I have watched and read about starting out and some of the mistakes. My biggest fear is not jumping in itself but I see some people that just go into erratic spin and have serious control issues. That scares the hell out of me. I literally had no idea jumping was as complex as it was. Anyway I have the upmost respect to all skydivers and any feedback on body control like avoiding spinning, coming out of a spin, flipping over from back would be great. I know this is all taught in ground school just not sure how much retains with nerves and all. Also, like to plug SWFL. I know most dropzones our filled with great people and I've been to only one, but Roy and Anne were just great. The confidence they give off and just overall attitude made me feel at ease. I was so calm till the word "door"! Sure that's common and at that time I could not feel my lower legs and I thought holy s!!t. So if area look them up. Well that's my rant hope to talk to some of you guys soon. Mike McCrea Bloomington, Indiana.