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  1. if it's fun, when you can't stand up a landing, or can't exit or fall stable at 500 jumps, then OK
  2. I accept your opinion! But if you spend your last dollars on food, and just sitting on the ground, watching others while jumping, who can afford anything and you see they're don't want to step up, don't want to develop their skills, its just disappointing. You are right. If you read my campaign, you can see, I work on the dropzone, since I was 15. Here a packjob not 5-10$ just 3$... And a jump is 27-28$. I'm also editing videos, and its the same 3-4$ I get after every tandems. We only jump on Saturdays. 4-5 load/day. I pack 10 canopies, but after that, I'm fully exhausted, and don't want to jump like that. I can pack also reserve canopies, and help my father who is a rigger. But I won't ask money from my dad, he gave me everything he could. I thought about filming tandems, but I cant do that under 200 jumps, and we have only 3 tandem pilots, and they have their own cameramen.
  3. Hello everybody, I really want to reach my dreams, the tradition of my family, and be a professional skydiver. Please read my story on the link below, and if you can't help, or you don't want to help, just take care of other young skydivers in your area, and even if they can't afford it, just help them so their talent won't waste! Thank you and blue skies! http://igg.me/at/skydivingdream