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  1. This makes a ton of sense. I was practicing my flares and plane-out point under canopy before making this turn. I wouldn't be able to recall my speed just before making this sharp turn, but it's possible it was immediately after practicing a flare, before my canopy had time time to surge forward and gain speed again. I will make sure I'm going full speed next time and gradually try the turn again. We'll see what happens. thank you for your detailed reply!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Is the side that is "trying to go backwards" the side that I am pulling the toggle on I assume? I appreciate your input!
  3. Good information-thank you very much for the reply. I do wear my chest strap a bit tighter than most, I'll try loosening it up a bit. Thank you!Quote
  4. I recently purchased a Hornet 170 and have done only two jumps on it. I weigh 145 lbs and have 36 jumps total. My second jump on the rig, I tried a full toggle turn (toggle all the way down to my hip) with the right toggle to see how the canopy would turn. I pulled fairly quickly, from full flight to hip in about two seconds. The canopy almost immediately got severe line twists, so much so that my head was pushed down and I almost cut away. I had tons of altitude so waited about 4-5 seconds and the line twists worked themselves out. Any idea what happened here? Is the canopy not loaded enough to make such turns, or are the flight characteristics of the Hornet just not conducive to such turns? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!