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  1. This is great advice. I often do get caught up with the mistakes (or what I think are mistakes). I had no idea when I had went that I would start on the net. I thought something was wrong with me but went with it. Sometimes my toes or hand would touch the wall. In my mind these were huge mistakes so I think I got more tense and exhausted. I'm looking forward to spending more time there now that I know more of what to expect…and what I should expect. Thank you for your response. The thing I love most in the skydiving community is someone is willing to help you out or, point you in the direction of someone who can.
  2. Thank you. The instructor that worked for the wind tunnel was in the chamber with me feeding me hand signals.There was just him in the tunnel but, no one guarding the door. I just wasn't sure when people said coach/instructor they were one in the same. He was very patient with me too, as it was a humbling experience. He did rotate in some children who where there with their parents but, I guess normally this isn't the case. Someone told me you have to bring someone to rotate with which could be tough only because this is something I'm doing for myself. Next time I go it should be easier though because I know a little more on what to expect. Thank you so very much for your response . This is all helpful considering I know next to nothing haha.
  3. So, I've been looking through old threads and trying to organize my plans for the winter. I am unable to follow through with my AFF this summer due to my job. Good news is I have between November and February off. I plan to go south for my AFF in January and stay as long as it takes to get my A license and some extra canopy courses. Until then (November-December) I would like to prepare in a Tunnel. The closest one is in NH. It is still a four hour drive but, it would be feasible for me to spend 2 days a week there. I did do 20 mins there once before. I worked an 11 hour day drove for 3 hours and didn't perform all that well. I do see how it could be very useful and more fun when I'm not rushing it. I know people say to get a coach. Now, is that the instructor that is there or, is it someone else that you hire? I would like to make some kind of a plan and have a briefing before going in this time. How would I go about finding a coach if that's the best way to do it? Also, how do you get the most out of your time by splitting up the mins? I did read about tunnel camps but I didn't see any for the one in New Hampshire....Or, not sure how to find out that info? Sorry for the novel