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  1. daenjel

    Skydive Sebastian

    Fantastic set up facilties well kept. Cool bar with food. At the weekends load organizers - so people to jump with. Helpful staff with free advise. Friendly and professional manifest which runs the day smooth. Sometimes the cool freefly cliques can get bit anoying. Good to spend some days at Sebastian, but come early!
  2. Jumped here for a couple of days during my tour through Florida. Lots of international pros hanging around. Lots of coaching possibilities as also many pros seem to be short in money... Apart from that no friendly or homey vibes or people to fun jump with. Purely commercial and manifest is rather unfriendly. You are nobody there below 1.000 jumps. Restaurant is good and seemed to be heavly frequented also by locals, but better go to the old airport bar down the street for famous cheesbrugers.
  3. Jumped here for a couple of days. After having seen other more popular DZs in Florida - I knew that this is the place to be! Everyone there (from manifest, packers, coaches to the pilot) is incredible welcoming and helpful, doesn't matter how many jumps someone has. No showing off or any cliques. Open relaxed atomsphere with true skydive spirit at proper facilities. And as the Qatar National Team is training there all year around plenty of opportunity to go up also during weekdays. Will come again for sure! Thank you Lake Wales Btw: Go to Mani's for great steaks :)
  4. daenjel

    Skydive Leipzig

    Did my AFF course and 'A' license here. Felt all the time safe and in good hands. AFF instructors are well experienced and fun to jump with. After the license there is not much of coaching as everyone is busy with tandems at that DZ. Location is nice close to lakes for a swim. Food supply is wired. Facilities would need a make up and manifest could improve in reducing down times of the nice Pilatus. However, good vibes and in general relaxed people :)