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  1. Was at Elsinore in '78 and a Brit was going to let me jump his Paradactyl. However, he broke a line before I could jump it. He also said "No hook turns under 800 feet or it'll go in to the Dactyl Dance of Death." What was he talking about or was he just trying to scare/warn me? Would appreciate anyone explaining this to me. Thanks.
  2. Was going to jump a single keel Dactyl at Elsinore in '78 but the Englishman who owned it broke a line on the jump before mine so I couldn't use it. He said don't do any quick turns under 800 feet or you'd go into what he called "The Dactyl Dance of Death." Packed VERY small for the time frame. D-14235 POPS# 3668 SCR 8949