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  1. enta

    Voodoo Curv

    Got that rig 2 month ago and i´m lovin it! Had a Mirage G4 before, which I really liked, but in comparison, the curv is another level. Almost the same main canopy in the rigs and the curv has half the thickness of the mirage. It is super comfy on the ground, but in the air it feels like a italien suit, it fits absolutely perfekt. Without a bungy the leg pads aren´t moving at all, had that all the time with the Mirage. What I like the most is my stowless magnetig bag, I think it´s much easier to stow the lines with this one. It feels a lot better in freefly, it´s moving much less than my old rig and even though it´s tighter, I can position my body better. Only "downside" is the cutting knive, it is not really a downside, because it´s free, but you can´t even cut a banana with it, so I bought a aftermarket one. I can totally recommend it, a lot of people on my dz own a curv and they all love it.
  2. You´re the kind of person, who would think ZERO about the new rig. You would buy a complete new rig just for 1 Jump and then downsize, because you stopped thinking. Is it that what you are telling me? You only deal in absolutes, but you ain´t no fucking Sith. If i would think i need 20 jumps more on my 150, i fucking do them and buy a rig 2 weeks later, because you should consider things like that.
  3. Jup, i think this was really a mistake in the first place, even though they might be right, overreacting is strong in this forum as well as Drama. At the end some fellow travelers joined the conversation and just started throwing poop and repeating what was already said. Now i know what the drama section is thinking (thanks dz forum) and what the people from my dz are thinking (i asked a lot of people at my dz over the weekend). Not in order to change my mind, just because i got curious about others opinions. But still i got some good information i can work with. The range i got was from 500jumps velo with a wl of 1.7 (still alive) up to 800 jumps xf2 wl 1.2 Very different opinions.
  4. Did you consider the mad skillz? :D Yeah now i really think it is a good decision and the larger container size doesn´t bother me at all, because i can stay at my 150, after that to the 135 and then i still can consider something like a crossfire 2 which packs pretty large and should fit. I wasn´t concerned about having a larger looking container, i was concerned the rig wouldn´t last long due to downsizing. But now i think i will jump the new rig for ages :) Now i just have to wait 20 weeks to try it on
  5. I´m having a hard time getting sarcasm in the written english language. yeyyy i found one. My heart tells me do it, my brain says no. Usually i am better of with my brain. Because it makes sense, gonna start to learn going faster and better with my 150, so i have better chances to survive and become a bored and broke Skydiver with 2000 Jumps+. Now that i know next logical step is to start gaining more speed i am really looking forward to my next jumps. But to be honest, i will stay safe, but i definately don´t want to be 500 jumps wl 0,7 tiptoe landing into barrel roll safe. Edit: Again not sure if last sentence sarcasm, goddamn i´m the sheldon cooper among the english readers. But if not, don´t worry, I started sitflying around jump 40 and train with my buddy, FF only. I agree with you, rw is a bit boring. Can´t wait to go head down the first time, but I don´t have to ask this in a forum, i know i have to get a lot better in sitfly first. Tunneling in the winter for sure.
  6. Stayhigh I don´t know if you are serious or just try to talk me into fatality soon, but you are a pretty funny dude :) Sammielu I like your point of view and i think i can understand the douchebaggery more and more. Loosing a buddy is fucked up and i would get angry too if I read the same shit killing people over and over again once a week. I don´t have the experience in this sport and never lost a buddy, so i can´t imagine all of this. Hope the second part won´t change.
  7. Hi Pixie, thanks for answering. Sounds absolutely right what you are saying, i decided to keep my 150, already fast enough :) Did i get that right, you have a 150 reserve and you jump a 190 main? I would have gotten a 135 reserve, atm. i am jumping a 160 optima reserve in my rig. I got told, that your reserve should be ca. as big as your main, so hanging on a much smaller chute with totally different characteristics. Maybe this is a too small reserve.
  8. Sammileu You may not noticed, that I said pages ago, that i will keep the 150 for a lot of reasons posted in this thread. This is one of the reasons, i thought 90° toggle turn to gain a bit speed in no wind conditions in combination with safe landings is enough to downsize (like i did with 230-210-190-170-150), but obviously this is not enough when it´s going into the higher wingloads and smaller canopys. I realized a lot of things, so I changed my plans. Btw: Sry i can´t answer everything, glad you asked again, i already feel like writing a book (that would be a shitty book)
  9. It´s a simple consideration. Example: Same Thread, same szenario, except i have 500jumps. In this szenario i maybe want a new rig too and think hmmm i think i am ready for a smaller chute. At this point i possibly be and everyone would say oh yeah no problem, you propably ready for it. Now this thread as it is, i need a new rig, I thought: Damn maybe i am ready for a smaller chute, the rig would last me longer. What did i do? I asked my instructor, he basicly gives me a go, I think hmmm he should know it, he knows my skills too. And then I decide to get more opinions in a forum because one wasn´t enough for me, even though i trust this man and realize, nope i am not really ready for a smaller chute and decide to take a larger container. You think that is not seeing red flags? Besides the fact you noticed that 150-135=15, I am not sure if you are literally retarded or you just troll me....brah Edit: Thanks JWEST, i´m glad too and i will shit my pants, promised :D
  10. Thanks Billvon for sharing your story with us. The Xaos part and similar explanations before are the main reason i will stick to the 150. I think i can handle the 135 with "slow and safe landings", but it is true, that it is not always my decision to do that. Pictureing a landing outside on a steep bumpy part with wind in my back or things like that, the chances to fuck up are extremely high. Can someone link me to threads similar to this one? Can´t find any with "downsizing" or "which canopy to get".
  11. Don´t speak for the skydive community, i met the nicest people at my DZ and found a lot of good friends. I know, skydivers have a very unique sense of humor, but to be an asshole has nothing to do with being funny. All this uuuuh dude you gotta be a insane manly neckbeard to skydive, is so stupid, idgaf
  12. Well to be fair, in your first post you said you have only 80 jumps on the 150, and looking into a pretty forgiving canopy Sabre 2 135 that you will load at 1.46 wing loading with only 200 jumps. See where the idea of "stupid, irresponsible person" came from? Not at all, because I came here the get advice about that and guess what i ask because i don´t know better. In the beginning you go down very quick, in my case from 230 to 150 in a short amount of time and nobody gave a fuck about that, so i think okay that is complety in the green area. Now I thought about getting 1 step smaller because new rig, not because I feel I mastered the 150. I thought, okay i´m not shure if 80 jumps is enough to go down, better ask in the forum so i did. I don´t get what the problem with that, even tough the skydive assocation in my country recommends a wl up to 1,5 from 200 jumps+ I did not know if it is a tiny bit more dangerous or complety stupid. Could have been much easier to tell me its god damn stupid, but obviously, most are not capable of that.
  13. Golerk, NOW i get why everyone is overreacting to my thread, but it is not a good way to tell someone why he shouldn´t downsize. I respect and listen to a calm persons with good arguments much more, than someone who tells my im going to die and post videos of ppl. almost did. I feel most of you are extremely biased and think everyone who want´s to downsize is a stupid, irresponsible person in general.
  14. Hello, i wan´t to give an update. So I received a lot of messges about my topic from really nice and experienced people and i am really thankfull for that. I don´t regret opening this thread,because i got a lot of input, but i wasn´t aware of the fact, that i get offended from the first second on, espacially with the fact, that this is my first active try to get advice on this platform. It escalated pretty quickly and it seems to me, almost everyone who posted in here had very bad experiences and is just freaking out immediatly. But again, maybe i am wrong but i think i am a very rational person and i don´t think I take important decisions easily. I had the possibility to tell everyone how a freak of safety i am and never would consider a decision like that, but i decided to be honest and tell you, that i think i am talented at the canopy. I don´t say i am a fucking beautiful snowflake out of thousands, i say i think i am just a bit more talendet than some others (and i believe that) I definitly get your reaction, no one likes arrogant people, but either i am honest or i am not. That doesn´t mean i think i can progress super fast and come away with it. I wasn´t aware i would meet a bunch of angry people predicting my death just because of a question i ask. Especially because i think the skydive community is a very chilled out scene and everyone is trying to help each other. I know things escalated a bit and i am not innocent to that. The main reason i post again, is that i think most of the reactions are really really dangerous to newer skydivers, because some of the reactions are so harsh, that most will think you are complety nutts and won´t follow your advice because of this. If you really want to help people new to this sport and new to this forum, don´t fucking freak out, nobody is helped with that.