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  1. Hi folks, I have an original Triathlon 135 which was re-lined 150 jumps ago. It's always opened hard, me being 42 now, I just can't take the consistently quick openings anymore. Here is some more info and things I've tried: - The pilot chute is older but still in good shape. - I have a collapsible slider (but always remember to un-collapse it.) - The chute has 400 of my jumps on it and probably only 100 before me. So it should not be (and does not look) worn out. - Rig I use is a Vector III. - I've tried rolling the heck out of the nose. - I've tried rolling each half of the nose and stuffing it into each side of the center cell. - I've tried rubber banding the slider to the D lines to delay it. - I've tried rubber bands instead of tube stows. - I've tried wrapping the rubber bands twice. - I always come out of my track and slow down before deploying. (Not doing that spells "done for the weekend" for me...) I can't seem to find the right set of things to slow the opening down. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm even willing to take suggestions on a different canopy! :) Thanks everyone, Ed