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  1. Here in Portugal, from what i can tell, i can get a license in AFF (Accelerated Free Fall), which allows me to get all the knowledge and experience to start making my own jumps, by myself. It's around 1500€ (~2100$), which isn't that much. What i'd really like to know is, how could i make a living out of Skydiving ? There's the option of being a Tandem jumper, with other people (lame), but aside from that, what else ?
  2. Since my 8th birthday that i got dazzled by skydiving. Flying at 250 km/h? That's totally my thing. So when i turned 18, i rushed to a Skydiving site nearby, and went for then 4200 m jump. Obviously i loved it, it's the best feeling in the world. So i'm 22 now, and I live in Portugal. My life is on hold right now. College almost done, but my dream is not to be an engineer. What i really love to do is Skydiving.