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  1. my question is simply about this websites set up and functionality. does this site have a search of incidents by company or list the company at all, any where when discussing incidents? so far all i see is being able to search them by year and category etc. just wanted to know if i missed any other search options since i am new to the site.
  2. of course they all have incidents, but when i have 5 companies to pick from ones where negligence is involved would be nice to steer clear of and helps narrow down which one id like to go to, instead of just going eeny, meeny, miny, moe. and companies do have incidents because a company hires and backs an instructor that may or may not have a history of incidents or problems. or an instructor in some cases is the owner of the business. ex: a review of a company in my area said an instructor was clearly intoxicated. i don't trust that instructor or that company for hiring them so since i have other options, i'm crossing that company on my list. if you see two otherwise identical companies that have been in business 10 years, #1 with 5 incidents and #2 with 10, you pick #1. even if they were completely out of the instructor/companies control and they both still have the same chance of a problem occurring in the future. its extra/fake peace of mind just like we all use when picking a "safe" cars or a "safe" hotel to stay at. otherwise why list incidents on this site at all? if its not relevant whats the point?
  3. my area apparently has had some skydiving incidents but the news reports dont list the companies....does this site show a list of companies with fatalities? or can i only search by type of incident and year? thanks!