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  1. @betzilla any update on how yours progressed? I was diagnosed with a SLAP tear and the doctor just recommended PT. I haven't been to PT yet, but am about to start. I'm not optimistic though as I've still been working out in the gym doing shoulder exercises and it hasn't gotten much better (it's been about 4-5 months). I haven't skydived since, but have a big skydive trip in February. It feels pretty stable but I'm worried about a dislocation.
  2. Having done my first tandem at the shoddy and overpriced skydiving business in Camarillo, it was refreshing to see a dropzone where I felt confident in my instructors and gear. These guys know what they're doing and are all about having a good time while maintaining the highest level of safety possible. I ended up doing my AFF here and ever since I have never felt the need or desire to go anyway else. There's always a great group at the dropzone, and events such as skills camps, competitions, and parties are held frequently. Everyone is extremely welcoming, and the dropzone really is a community. They have some food, but it's pretty basic. I wish they bbq'd some tritip or something on weekends, but at least there's an In-n-out right down the road!