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  1. This years raffle is going to be a GREAT one! Some of our prizes include: 25% off Merlin Jumpsuit 25% off Merlin Jumpsuit 25% off Infinity Container $1500 off Aerodyne System 50% off any BevSuit 50% off Reserve Rapack 25% off Merlin Pants 50% off Wings Container Lots of cool shirts Jump Tickets Log Books, Hook Knives, etc. Cost is $1/ticket or $20 per 'wingspan'. Raffle will be held Saturday Evening (April 5th) after dinner. Check out www.UFColllegiateBoogie.com for more information. Be sure to register by March 20th for your free Boogie T-shirt!
  2. We're also proud to announce that Sandy Grillet will be flying in to be the boogies RW Load Organizer! A HUGE thank you to Vigil and PD for helping make this a reality for us. The website has been updated and has more information on Sandy as well as our other Load Organizers. Our Vendors/Sponsors page has also been updated. Go check it out and pre-register while you're there! Blue Skies!
  3. Yea, unfortunately we ended up losing Jeff due to some miscommunication. We'll still have experienced jumpers organizing smaller RW stuff and plenty of other fun belly jumps too! I've been keeping the website up-to-date with LO's and Vendors, whereas these forum posts mostly serve to get the word out.
  4. The UF Falling Gators Skydiving Club is proud to announce the 16th Annual Falling Gators Collegiate Boogie! Hosted by Skydive Palatka in sunny Florida, this boogie is sure to be an unforgettable one! Join us April 4-6 for some amazing sky falling, everyone is welcome! The Skyvan will have freefly loads organized by Keith Creedy as well as RW organizer Jeff Guy (Team Dirty Sanchez) and WS organizer Jeremy Tyer. Please visit us at www.CollegiateBoogie.com for more information and to pre-register!