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  1. I'm sorry to anyone I have offended on here apart from the bully who caused me to make an angry comment in the first place. It was not a death threat, it was an angry comment aimed at that bully. Anyways, Thank you for all the kind words, and not so kind words and advice I really do appreciate it. I wish you all the best in your skydiving and wingsuit flying. Maybe catch some of you crazy cats at the top of le brevent in July. I'm off to do my AFF now and ride my "bicycle" down some large hills. Thank you and goodnight, much love. X
  2. That just seems like a very presumptuous and disrespectful thing to say coming from somebody with zero experience. We all were new once (I still consider myself a relatively new skydiver, and a very new BASE jumper). We all asked ridiculous questions. I just took offense when he started talking about how other jumpers are "idiots" for going in, and how his bicycle skills give him a qualified view of the sport. But whatever. Internet! I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking you are a complete prick. By the way, I was correct last time. You said a friend of yours died so that makes you -1 friend. I really hope you see him soon.
  3. Not everyone's advice will begin with please and end with thank you. Take the lesson and try not to look a gift horse in the mouth. I look forward to hearing from you again when your jump numbers exceed your post count. You've got some work to do. I suspect my number of jumps exceeds the amount of friends you have.
  4. Yeah. Shows you watched the video real well. Some of the deceased/injured shown belonged to the top of base jumpers at the time... Really?? Sorry I didn't know who they were. In that case it shows how it can go so badly wrong even when you're experienced. It just looked insanely stupid though. I suppose all accidents do.
  5. Right I watched the video of accidents where the Russian guys get it all wrong. I've taken your comments in and will use this videos to understand why they go wrong and learn in a positive way. Going back to the Russians in the video; what a bunch of idiots! That clearly shows little or no training and why you need to be an extremely skilled pilot/base jumper to achieve controlled proximity flights. I got an idea of just how hard it is by watching level 1 AFF jumps too. ;)
  6. Dumbest logic (or lack thereof) ever. Videos of accidents are one of the best ways to understand the risk and prepare yourself for your inevitable "oh sh*t" moments. They also help shape your decision-making and judgement. My aggressiveness was dialed back (in a big way) after a friend died on a WS BASE jump. Read the BFL. Ignorance is death, not bliss, in this game. No matter how many bicycles you've ridden. I appreciate your comments and take it on board but don't belittle me or the sports I already do. I came on here for friendly advice.
  7. You are the opposite of me, I always wanted to wing suit really well but I actually achieved wing suiting really badly... I'm yet to feel that disappointment. ;)
  8. I don't watch videos of accidents. I know they happen and lots of people die but if I consume myself with negative images I'd never get out of my bed in the morning, let alone want to fly wingsuits. I race downhill mtb's and visit the alps frequently and track day superbikes and have had some nasty crashes in my time but I still don't even watch crash videos of those sports. My mates all watch them and then get pissed off because they can't ride fast. Your brain goes into self preservation mode. That's how I see it anyway. Like I said before it's not a suicide mission just a dream I have. :)
  9. That's the stuff dreams are made of! They're pulling some tight turns in that vid.
  10. Sweet, thanks I'll have a look at that.
  11. Yeah it'll be done before the first jump. ;) Referring back to a previous question, do any of you guys fly in the alps in summer? I'd be up for coming along to see some wingsuit action.
  12. Yep articles and forums, Get sponsorship Soak my wingsuit in Chanel no.5 And buy beer for everyone else. You guys have been awesome ;) I will keep u all updated. First jump march 28. :)
  13. Yeah I know this, and it's a long shot but I'm not expecting it to happen tmw. If it takes 5-10 years then fine. I have my goal. I'ts all good.
  14. If safety is paramount WS Base is not an option. That like beeing all for safety and riding a motorcycle on the track without a helmet. It was a figure of speech. All I mean is that I'm not on a suicide mission. Just wanna experience it and fly wingsuits. I know that many people pay the ultimate price when proximity flying but that's part of it I guess.
  15. I've always loved this kind of "advices" from jumpers with noticeble number of jumps. "Forget WS flying/Swooping/HD flying until you have XXX jumps". So how is anybody going to be ready at XXX jumps to fly WS if they don't do anything towards it? I'd suggest the following: 1. Keep your goal in mind 2. Do AFF course 3. Ask questions/ read forums, artcles etc. 4. Practice/master basics of normal flying (belly, basic FF etc.) 5. Ask questions/ read forums, artcles etc. 6. Practice/master skills towards WS flying that can be trained without a WS (tracking, back tracking, atmo, flying with tracking suit etc.) 7. Ask questions/ read forums, artcles etc. 8. When you have XXX jumps and FEEL comfortable go to First Flight Course * buying beer is of course mandatory in all of the steps I think the fact that I don't drink is going to hold me back in this sport!