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  1. First of all, other than my AFF progression, the only two canopies I have jumped are Sabres and Pilots so please read this review within my limited scope of knowledge. I've owned 3 different Pilot sizes and as I continue to become a better canopy pilot the more I enjoy my Pilot. I made a few jumps on the 132, about 250 on the 124, and about 20 now on my 117. I'm constantly impressed by the slow on-heading openings - especially now since I started jumping a camera. I jump my Pilot for all my Wingsuit jumps as well. I've noticed several differences in the flight characterstics and especially the landing and flaring characteristics as I play with the length of my risers. I had much "mushier" and deeper flares on my short risers but am now enjoying the full landing capabilities of my canopy on standard risers. As I downsize, I'm also learning to enjoy using the front risers with Aerodyne's new dive loops to make turns. I've had wonderful experiences with Aerodyne ordering custom canopies and working with them as I downsized. The company has great sales reps at boogies giving professional advice and making sure you're satisfied before you leave. I would recommend the Pilot canopy to anyone that wants a reliable canopy with the capability to add your own "zip"!