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  1. steelmatt6

    Skydive The Farm

    Back in April, I wanted to plan a bachelor party for my friend, and Skydive the farm was able to accommodate us way in advance. 2 days before our jump on August 27th, we had to call and cancel because of financial reasons, but that same day, we called back to reinstate the reservation due to a financial resolve. They were happy to still fit us in Tuesday and were very nice and professional about our "mishap!". When we got there, it was a little early and a weekday. However, despite the slow day, they more than prepared for our arrival. Everything is laid back, calming, yet professional at the same time. The facilities are decent, the people are great, and the overall experience was amazing. The videographer's on staff were great. The fact that I am writing this review late, I have forgotten a lot of names. But just now, that every single person there has a great sense of humor, and they will make sure your Tandem jump (and AFF!) is as fun, and safe as possible. Skydive the Farm, thank you for an awesome day, and we look forward to jumping with you again in the future! Thanks to everyone who instructed us and helped us that day. It was a 5 star experience! Signed: The Superman Crew: Tuesday August 27th, 2013