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  1. Thanks Saskia, you've been amazingly clear! My AFF certification is italian, and italian rules say that you need to pass a skydiving exam for jumping with others on your belly. This exam consists of some turns, tracking, basic RW, basic precision landing, and I think that's it. Now, what I'm thinking is checking the requirements of the Belgian system with the DZ and then understanding what I need to learn to get a basic license so I can jump with others, either here or in Italy (at the DZ where I completed my AFF they do exams in October so I have plenty of time to get prepared to it). Thank you so much for your help, it's very important having the possibility to get clarifications from expert fellow jumpers! Well, now I'd better get out and buy some thermal clothing for winter jumps! Thanks again!! Blue skies, Simone
  2. Thanks Kenates, very much clear! Dragon2, unfortunately I'm not flemish, I'm italian.. but thanks anyway! I have sent an email to Skydive Spa where I intend to go for the jumps, asking for some more info DZ related and also regardin this issue. I will post what they reply to me as soon as they get back to me. In the meantime if someone else has some European centred info on this.. of course is more than welcome!! Thanks guys!
  3. Hi guys, Probably there are already other posts on this subject in the forum but I couldn't find them. In case, I'm sorry! I live in Belgium and I got my AFF certification in August 2013 in Italy. Due to some various reasons I couldn't jump after my last AFF jump. I imagine that my first jump here in Belgium has to be with an instructor. My question then is: I need at least an A License to really jump without tutoring and maybe with other people right? And what do I have to demonstrate I can do for getting it? I'm getting quite confused with US and European requirements, so I decided to ask you directly.. I'm sorry, probably you have enough of these silly beginner's questions.. but now the only thing I want to do is jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping! SO, thanks a lot guys for being patient with me and helping me through this! Blue skies! Simone
  4. Thanks a lot! I wanted to go to Zwartberg today but the weather was ugly, so I called them and they told me no jumps.. Anyway, I'll go there I think, Spa is a little too far from Brussels, 140km..
  5. Hi Guys! I just want to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. My name is Simone, an italian guy living in Brussels. I just completed my AFF (in Italy, in Verona) and I look forward to jump again and again and again here in Belgium! Anyone from Brussels in the community so we could meet and jump together? Rock on guys! Simone