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  1. Now that my girlfriend and I have been talking about this more I can definitely see how a non skydiver might see empty pack and think something like he jumped out and the parachute was empty aside from the reserve. Better terminology might have been open reserve container or unpacked reserve or used reserve etc. Also would have been nice if there was some knowledgeable explanation of the malfunction not “didn’t open”. On the bright side, I see a cutaway handle in the picture, if this douche can hold his handle and anyone one of us drops theirs on a cutaway I’m giving you some shit 😂
  2. While I agree he comes off as a douche generally speaking I don’t think this post was that bad. Considering he’s a student and knows almost nothing about the sport empty pack and whatnot isn’t too bad. Wouldn’t expect much else of a student cutaway. I’d also love to hear from an experienced jumper or instructor with first hand knowledge of the event.