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  1. In opposite of a lot of dropzone in New Zealand, fun jumpers is the moneymaker! As the name says, it is mainly a skydiving school. The tandem are still big part of it (as anywhere else), but the facilities have been built to train skydiver way further then the aff! So depending when you go, you got a lots of beginners (start of the classes) or lots of 4-way option (end of the classes) Either way, you enter a bunch of people that jumps all the time together. If you're good, they will all wanna jump with you... or not, hard to say because they change every 6 months. In global, I found it's a good place. You got amazing quality instrutor, fun jumpers around, and a Caravan that give you amazing views of Mt Hutt, even Mt Cook on good weather!! And the landing field is always along the airstrip: so legal down wind landing!
  2. Amazing Dropzone for people with more then 50 dives and knowing what they do in the sky!! 15$ a jump? You are really a cheap ass if you prefer 5$ for 3 000 feets, but hey, you can log it as a jump so fair deal! Basic rules of Lodi Parachute center: - Be on Bill good side (the infamous owner (Inglorious if you are a Quentin fan)) - Check for your own safety - Check people around you for their safety (no one love to see a diver do a pass by near you because you opened at 3000) - Organize your own thing - If you camp or stay at the DZ long enough that Bill reconize you, do what he say or go home Nice weather, lots of loads, lots of jumpers, unbeatable price = If i'm around, I'll jump again!
  3. If you didn't flew the Beach18, you need to go more often! Google it if you don't know what it is :) Amazing dropzone with load of belly flyers! Often organise big loads and home of Evolution Team! Camping site, shower, nice food, but mostly, A real nice and confy Twin Otter to bring you in the sky often in a day! If you wanna jump near montreal, best place to be for Belly flyers. Freefly and drinking would be more Parachute Montreal, but you ll find some here too! If you can ride the beach, go for it! Only dropzone I know still running one!
  4. Did my Aff and 45 first jumps over there, Didnt't know how much I was spoiled until I travelled around!!! You got amazing owners, staff and jumper ready to help you and jump with you for fun. The Twin Otter bring 25 jumpers, 18 run in a day if it's nice! There is most often then anything someone organizing a 10-way of something. Most of all, the jumpers love to plan a jump and include flyers! If you talk to people, they will include you in their jump, or direct you to people of your level! Nouvel air parachute may have more belly flyers, but Parachute Montréal got it for the freefly, and without a doubt for the parties!! Big fire, Camp for free, 24/7 showers, Amazing food for a DZ! Enjoy it for me!