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  1. thank you for the advice. I sort of like the havoc because its gripperless but then I like the tonysuits because of the punch through sleeves. I've heard it's hard to get phoenix fly to respond to emails. a few friends of mine never get responses and they waited nearly 6 months for delivery. what's the tony suit delivery time like. does anyone know
  2. ive got 200 hundred jumps on the phantom3 but im a lot heavier than my mates and i always have to put a lot more effort in to maintain the same height during jumps. is the tonysuit t-bird comparable or better for heavy flyers. i know all the shit hot ws pilots are gonna say its skill and to learn to fly my body better, but while i get better so do my mates and im still left with the same problem of being really heavy.. whats the havoc like for me with 200 ws jumps.