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  1. I really can't wait to go again. Maybe this summer. Thanks for all of your support.
  2. If you notice on the video, I was pretty excited on the ground and my CP was everywhere. Once we got in the air, I chilled out a lot. I can be very calm when I'm not excited. It's almost like a light switch. My instructor was the best and I will ask for him again next time. The only concern that he had was the landing and my legs. He didn't want to hurt me. So, he put another harness on my legs, a pulling system, so before we landed, we pulled on the cord to pull my legs up to my chest. He even asked me if I wanted to tie my arms or be free. I do a lot despite my CP. Here is another clip of what I do.
  3. I have Cerebral Palsy. I can't walk or use my arms, but I use my feet as if they were like your hands. I'm in a wheelchair. I always wanted to skydive, but too busy, too much school, just life. About 6 months ago, the thought came up again, "I want to JUMP!!!!" So, I went to my doctor, he gave me the go ahead to jump out from a plane. Started talking to Elsinore and we were good to go. I went there last month and they told me NO, too risky. Total waste of time. I was pissed and more bummed out. I don't give up that easily. So, I started Google skydive and CP and there are ton of videos of people jumping all the time. "Why can't I..." So, I contacted Skydive Perris because they do tandem jumps all the time with disable people. I did my first tandem jump last week and it was awesome!!! I have never felt that calmed in my entire life. As soon as I rolled in the door, Perris had no doubt that I can jump, unlike Elsinore. It was bad ass!!!! There was no doubt in their minds that I could jump. My instructor was the best. He jumped with many disable people before and there was no doubt that we were going to do this. They strap my arms and legs and I fell from the sky and kept looking down. Here is my video of me skydiving. I can't wait to do it again, again, and again.... I never felt that calm.