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  1. Ya I'm gonna have to think this out. There is a lot of overcast and low cloud cover and when I ventured to PA i was just turned down to jump numerous times ( years ago). Are these large DZs/ skydiver hotels that are situated in the west coast/ desert more ideal to learn? Seems like they have wind tunnels on site, alot of aircraft, free bunk houses to stay.
  2. I appreciate the advice. I'm from the DC area (maryland burbs). All of the Drop zones are two hours away, and I noticed that the prices were a little cheaper on the west coast like ELOY. Thats why I wanted some advice from jumpers with experience. Oh ok, I understand your angle with trying to establish a relationship with a local place. Tom
  3. (Im willing to travel) I've got 2 weeks off this summer.... where do you think the best DZ is to get my A License???? Best price,weather, facilities, staff? I did like 4 AFF jumps years ago and like 30 min of tunnel and loved it... Finally have the job to support this expensive hobby.