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  1. None of this would be admissible in a court of law.... I am very new to the sport (only half way through getting my A license, 11 jumps to be exact). I chose this topic for my class project because I'm obviously thinking about it a lot and interested in the sport. I procrastinated and didn't start this project early enough (it's due tuesday) which is my fault. So it's fine, no need to answer the questions. the project is more about going through the process of "expert elicitation" and the delphi method than the topic itself. I would obviously be careful to write the paper in good light of the sport. The paper won't ever be published and it is for a small school in springfield, MA called Western New England University. By the time you had a chance to contact anyone, my project would be due haha I will fill out my profile the best that I can. It's always sunny above the clouds.
  2. It's called the Delphi Method. It's commonly used in peer-reviewed qualitative risk assessments (not quantitative). It's always sunny above the clouds.
  3. This should only take you 5 minutes. It would be greatly appreciated if you participate! I am in a risk analysis graduate course working on a qualitative risk assessment about skydiving. Part of the objective is to do an expert elicitation. I could read through all the safety forums to get these answers but it is not allowed. Any skydiving experience is acceptable, whether you have 1 jump or 10k. If you would like to participate please PM me the answers to the following questions: How many jumps do you have? Have you had any injuries from skydiving? If so, what injury? What cause? What jump number? What do you think are the top 10 reasons for skydiving related injuries or deaths? Once I have a number of responses, I will probably organize the data then PM you back with the most common answers and have you either stick with your original answers or revise them based off others answers. Thanks for you help! It's always sunny above the clouds.
  4. I know everyone is sick of these Harlem Shake videos but here is a skydive version! Feel free to post about how much you hate the viral Harlem Shake fad! It's always sunny above the clouds.