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  1. Given the size of your wing, and the wingloading you'll end up with when you strap an adult human to the bottom of it, I'm not sure how much slower you think it's going to fly. Given that the body flight aspect is going to be the key to your whole control system, using aircraft based launches will only serve to make your pilot that much more preparred for a take-off or landing. Without that type of practice, you have a wing that you have never flown, and a pilot that has never flown any wing of that sort, let alone the one that you're trying to get off the ground. You're stacking the deck against yourself, your pilot, and your project. You could have flight time in your pilots log book, and reams of data on the performance of your wing, but for some unknown reason you're choosing to bypass both of those options. This is why I doubt the success of the project. 100kn?? Dude, I don´t think we´re talking about the same thing here... Join Our Dream:
  2. Well, all your answer indicate me is that you actually have some opinion regarding our (not mine) project (which is totally o.k. for me btw), and you are not willing to change it (which is also totally o.k.). I suppose you didn´t read thru some more parts of our website for example... As you might find there, it is a project that is in development for more than five years. From CFD calculation to RC tests, scalemodels and several different stages of designs we did most everything. And by far not everything could be shown on the website visually of course. If you really think someone has some nice idea of flying into sunset - think´s of some nice little backpack flying thing, work a bit here, paint some airfoil there and let it be build by someone to fly into freedom... Well, ok - It´s your opinion. You can trust me that no one is willing to put his life in the hands of this without a lot, I mean a LOT, of work, optimizing, planning and testing. You might find, when considering different ways for a testing start, that jumping off a plane has its dangers as well - Especially with a whole new aircraft concept. It seems like you imagine some kind of classic first flight with take-off, landing and some 100kn speeds. And regarding this I´m totally with you - it´s suicidal. But this is not what is going to happen. Join Our Dream:
  3. I decided to make the safety points you make as 'question of the day' on facebook next time. The position of the pilots arms is due to low speed and only one engine running. This means the pilot needs his arms for the CG-steering. Also it is the position he felt best in during the first runs. When going to hovering-speed and in flight the arms are aligned to the body. Regarding your idea of a flip over. This can´t happen due to very low distance to the ground. The CG is that low that the plane won´t flip against gravity and airspeed. Not to mention the pilots action in case of that. Our pilot said that, during most of the time at all tests until yet, he had total control of everything. Those few moments he didn´t have it (we tried a groundloop, a flipover and a wheelfailure) the plane didn´t need pilots interaction but stabilized itself immediately, even if a few tires were already of the ground and hovering- Last thing: If you take everything special from a special concept, Well... it won´t be special anymore. Take a supersonic planes ability to go supersonic - Why the design efforts then, it´s just a normal plane... Take our ability to take-off and land as well as fly efficiently at lower speeds - Well why don´t take Rossy´s concept, it´s already safely flying? I agree that this is nothing typical and absolutely nothing harmless, but our pilot is trained by experts in both, piloting and body skills. He wears a whole bunch of stabilizers, shock absorbers and more. We have a specially trained physiologist in our team just to think about those aspects and prepare the pilot. Most every aspect of drive and body positions have been well conceived and, partially, already been proven without problems. A plane that can´t take off is no plane. And most of the people won´t ever have the chance to fly something like Rossy. For our team and a lot of people we came to know during our work, this totally free flight in an actual plane is a dream. And as far as I can say - It´s a dream we can make possible when we work hard and well planned. So - Let´s do it... Join Our Dream:
  4. Then, first of all, everybody here will celebrate! We have a testing program which begins with increasing speeds to roll (Stabilizer mounted). When the hovering speed is reached we will not accelerate further but do some control tests especially with the horizontal stabilizer. Then we will continue with increasing the height until we reach about 1,50m (3ft). After this, next phase is to come. We consider with our safety parachute manufacturer which way is safest to continue then. Talking about the jet powered hangglider... That would have to be the most inefficient way I can imagine to become airborne. A not specialized jet-engine with a plane of that speed would be like a Ferrari with a gearbox containing only the first gear step Meaning: Sounds cool, Looks cool.. End of the story. Join Our Dream:
  5. Guess you´re right, flowers should be chosen prior - But that decision should be made before you begin with a lot of risky sports... We made an entertaining report together with the Discovery Channel. Fits quite well with the topic ´cause it makes us look even more crazy Take a look at it Join Our Dream:
  6. Yes, you´re right. The Skyflash will receive an integrated, rocket driven, parachute system - This will be build in as soon as we are finished with the hovering tests. Those tests will not be much higher than 1m (3ft) so that a parachute would not be necessary until then. We are, at the moment, considering which system to choose. Join Our Dream:
  7. Well at least we´ll leave some smoky white trail then because of our integrated fire-extinguishing gascapsules... Maybe a bit like Baumgartners smoke grenades at his feet... (image by LIMEX® Images) Join Our Dream:
  8. Thanks! We´ll try to stay alife ;-) Join Our Dream:
  9. if pic is manipulated it should clearly state so if video stillframe shows smith this smth should be in the video otherwise u fall to the level of those 12yo whose video shows a sexy girl on a stillframe to get views but inside its just some zit covered boy picking his nose if u want to show what u want to achieve next, photoshop gimp in some puffy clouds or even space lol so u lied about 32mph takeoff??! Thanks for your hint. I will state out the manipulation even clearer. Citation from skyflash Facebook: "Our latest montage gives a preview of how Skyflash might look in only a few weeks. Let´s hope the weather is with us =)" Regarding your "take-off" speed. We stated that we reached the "lift-off speed" or later in the article the "hovering speed" this means that we have identified the speeds by hovering some centimeter. Nothing more. Join Our Dream:
  10. good eye! now im sure they'll take 1st prize in redbull fluttag....... if they dont go darwin earlier Hi, you can find all of those pictures including the description of them on our facebook-page. In english as well as in german. You´ll find that they are of course manipulated because they show what we want to achieve next. Btw: We use GIMP instead of Photoshop. Currently the plane is in high-speed taxi test phase and will receive its second engine soon. But I understand your point. I think most everyone can remember Jarno and I´m kinda sad that he destroyed so much credibility. Best regards! Join Our Dream:
  11. As I mentioned before - It is a real project by real people with a real dream. Engineering part is of course done, we needed four years for it, and safety comes first - for this project as for any other. I´m just one member of the team... But this is about dreams of sustained, free flying of many people, controlled only by the movements of the human body. I don´t think we´re the only ones who dream it
  12. Yes, but our dream isn´t a graduation in social marketing but the best flying experience possible =) Check out our website and you´ll find out... Join Our Dream:
  13. Don´t be scared - we do have a tail. It will be mounted to the pilots feet for higher flights but hasn´t been installed yet =) The jetstream has about 650°C, so those shoes.. Well its more about the feet inside them... Our pilot doesn´t have any problems with cold feet at all - Next time he´ll receive some aluminium protection-shields on his legs
  14. Hi this is team Skyflash from germany, we are planning, designing and building a new kind of backpack-airplane / wingpack for more than five years now. Our team consists of pilots and flying enthusiasts and we want to come in contact with people who share our dream of total freedom of flight. Our basis of development are the wingpacks like the one Felix Baumgartner used for his jump over the english channel. Our idea is an airplane which you simply strap to your back and fly up to 200nmi with a maximum speed of 200mph in up to 25,000ft. The airframe contains two turbojet engines with 160hp combined power output and the whole plane is controlled only by the movements of the pilots body. Our first tests are just beeing carried out and we are very exited for the first flight which we plan for the first quarter of this year =) We hope to find people who share our dream of unlimited freedom of flight to bring up a concept which could be affordable and easy to fly. It shall not need any parachute or cliff/airplane for normal operation - But we wonder if that could become a possible take-off variant too..? I would be very happy if you visit and follow us! Best regards from germany! Join Our Dream: