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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know the pack volume of a Sabre 2 150 compared to a Safire 2 149? Needs to be the same measuring method. Thanks, Sam
  2. Thanks for all your information. I think it has made my decision easier. If anyone has any info on the ZP V ZPX fabric, as far as pack volume being 17% smaller than Zero Porosity. Is this market hype or can I realistically expect a 132 zpx to pack around 306 instead of 368? Possibly if a Aerodyne rep reads this, they could comment? I am trying to fill my Racer 2K3 and the max it will take is 350 volume. Thanks again for everyones posts, it has been a huge help.
  3. Hi all, Just looking for peoples thoughts on a pilot 132. Does it compair to a Safire2 139? Flight characteristics? How ground hungry it is at your wingloading? I would be loading one a 1.3. Has anyone used one wingsuiting? Sombody on here compaired it to a Safire 119, is this for real? Not much info on them and the only video I can find on youtube is a malfunction. Thanks, Sam
  4. Yeh that looks like it. Thanks mate
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know what model helmet the white one is? I was thinking tonfly without the external audible port. Thanks, Sam