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    Fully Custom Velocity Infinity I-45 Container, DOM 09/16 - Can fit from a 190-150 sq ft main. -All Black Hardware -Full Articulation -Low Profile Reserve Handle -RSL -Hook knife attachment (TSA took my hook knife!) -In great condition with a minor scuff on the reserve closing flap. Main Canopy: Pilot 168, DOM 10/12 - Has 700 jumps on it. No holes, no patches. Easy to pack, collapsible slider. Colored packing tabs. 8 ft bridle. Red 28" pilot chute. Great combo to start wing suiting with. Lines in good shape (300 jumps on them) but probably want to start looking at a reline in 150-200 jumps. Reserve: PDR 160 DOM 12/95 - No reserve rides. Last packed 9.26.19 AAD: Vigil II, DOM 10/12 -Plenty of life left, never serviced. I'm 185 Lbs and 6" Could go up or down a couple inches. Can go up or down 20 lbs. I've been as large as 215 and jumping this rig comfortably. Will ship worldwide, buyer pays shipping.


    Fort Worth, Texas - US

  2. Howdy! I'm travelling across the country in a self converted Sprinter Van trying to jump at as many dropzones as I can. I'll be in Eloy, AZ starting 3/20 and need to leave my van with a friendly sky friend at their home in Phoenix will keep it safe while I'm away. Willing to drop a few dollars or a case of beer to anyone who can help for a week. Thanks to all in this community, it is much appreciated. Andrew McKernon A75551