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  1. Oh I've read all those already, just seeing if there's anything new, or updates. Really wish I would of read them before ordering
  2. Has anyone heard from this company lately? I ordered a suit from Chris back in November with a estimate of 8-10 weeks. I asked for an update in February with a response of "Hi Zach, I recall seeing yours near completion. I will check.".... That was the last contact I've had from anyone. The most frustrating thing is I see they are reading my messages on facebook but no response. I've emailed, called, facebooked, and texted but just keep getting ignored. I'm about to give up on them and cut my losses and order from a different company. Oh did I mention I paid in full... IN CASH!! Ok, this is a partial rant in order to vent my anger. But also im warning other people to avoid this company. At this rate I could order a new Micron container now and still have it before this suit. Soo... Who else has had a bad experience with them? I know I'm not alone.
  3. Yep, almost that exact spot 16 years ago. Seriously. Here's the deal. It will be great, it will suck, you will hate some days, and love others. You will make great friends, and some enemies. You will become fed up, but you will learn to cope, you will produce change, and you will also change yourself. You will laugh, and you will cry. You probably won't regret any of it. If you had it all to do over again, would you make the same choice?
  4. I just can't see how I would get sick of it. I'm a easy going guy, I don't get involved in politics. I love seeing the smile on a first time tandem. I hate my job that I'm at now, the only thing that keeps me is the money in which I spend the majority on skydiving lol. So basically I sacrifice my health and happiness for money. In which I spend to recover my health and happiness. I guess I've answered my own question. I'm going to go for it. So anymore advice anyone has who be appreciated :)
  5. I'm a electrician, that includes some overtime. The problem is I hit the top to early and I have no chance of advancement and this industry can go to hell at anytime. So I'm looking to go do what I truly love while I'm still young single and no tie downs. And yes I'm sure any job will lose it's luster. But I have lived the usual blue-collar life all my life and have realized it's not for me. I'd rather live a fun-exciting-unknown life then chase the almighty dollar, job security, blue house on the corner with a white picket fence type life. I know things may change but I can't foresee ever getting tired of a DZ life. Keeping my current house and renting it out is a good idea. Then I have a fall back if needed. I have a strong work ethic so I'd be willing to do whatever is necessary around the DZ (rigger, TI, Camera,Packing whatever)
  6. I know this topic has been covered lots. But can't find a post that relates to my situation, so here it goes.... I'm 25 years old, single, no kids, 400 jumps 2 years in the sport with my coach rating soon to get my AFFI. I love teaching and learning. And just love hanging out at the DZ even if I'm not jumping. I have a 100k a year job right now but dread going to work everyday, but the only time I'm truly happy is when I'm at the DZ. I spend all my waking hours day dreaming about my next jump or visiting friends at the dz. So here is my plan... Ready?... Work for 2 more years, get every rating possible. Learn to camera fly. Buy a nice RV trailer, bank up a bunch of money, sell my house. And start living the dream! Crazy or not? Just wondering if anyone else in the industry has been in this spot? I'm seriously considering doing it. I'd rather make 20-25k a year and be happy 7 days a week then be happy 2 days a week and make a 100k. Or should I just keep it a weekend hobby? Everyone I tell this plan to thinks I'm nuts for wanting to leave my current job. Let me know the hard realities everyone. FYI I'll have around 1,000-1,200 jumps and my TI, AFFI, and IAD rating by then. Any advice is welcome
  7. They'll be the same size both 190's but one will be a pulse and the other a sabre2. Completely different canopies but I thought I would work on HP landings on the sabre2. Then use the pulse as a accuracy canopy, on track/wingsuit dives. Would it be too tough practicing different disciplines on each jump?
  8. It'll be a 176 pd optimum reserve. I'm currently on a 193 optimum
  9. So I'm thinking about buying a second rig. As when I travel I don't like to wait in between jumps for packing and love doing back to backs. (Yes I know I need a packer for this) I'm a bigger guy at 200lb 6'1" and currently on a 210 pulse ready to downsize a 190 sabre2. My current rig can go down to a 170) I'm contemplating buying a new rig one step down that can hold a 190 hybrid to 150 ZP. It will be a long time before I go below a 170 or 150, if I ever do even. I currently have 200 jumps in a little under 2 years (first year was slow) other info... I plan on possibly getting into wingsuit. Also enjoy canopy work, accuracy and starting to get coaching on high performance landings(I know I'm on a 210...) and yes I'm getting coaching and being safe at it. So... Good idea or bad idea for the second rig? Or does someone have some better advice for me?
  10. Has anyone seen these yet or used one? There a standard viso elastic wristband but it has a slot for a GoPro wifi remote also. Kinda nice to know your camera is on, but is it unnecessary clutter and distraction on your arm? Kinda seeing what everyone thought about it? Alllllllllrrrriggghhttt GO!
  11. Yes I was told the pulse packs a lot smaller than other canopies hence my question here. And as far as me looking at the m4 with the 176 reserve I guess that's a combination of my JM determining my canopy control skills and PLF skills( ha) and my rigger pushing me towards gear longetivity. I agree with you guys on the 176 reserve thing. I might have to put my foot down and go with the m5 container with a 193. As I would feel more comfortable with that size reserve. And would still give me lots of downsize room in the future. And then I know a 210 pulse would fit in there
  12. I'm looking at a new rig, and for the sake of keeping the container for awhile I'm curious if I can get a pulse 210 into mirage g4 m4 container with a 176 optimum reserve. If this is possible It would warrant the purchase of this rig as I would be able to downsize down to a 150 someday. My experience is 46 jumps, currently been jumping a 230 and in street clothes my weight is 195lbs @ 6'01". Please don't get into the whole new/used debate for a jumper of my experience please. I have the money to burn on a new rig. Especially if its going to last me many years.