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  1. ZipZaq

    HR II

    My HR2 helmet is serving me well. It fits comfortable and is snug. It cuts out a lot of noise and is actually quiet compared to the student helmets I have used. Only con is that I sometimes have to strain to hear others talking in the plane. My biggest irritation was the constantly loosening chin strap - Not loose enough to slip off my chin, but just enough for me to worry about it. I'd have to remove the velcro cover and tighten the chin strap before every jump. The problem went away after I wrapped a packing rubber band over the velcro. Just one adjustment has been needed in about 30 jumps.
  2. I had a great bunch of jumps at Skydive Abel Tasman right before New Year. Thanks a ton and I'm looking forward to coming back! Skydive Abel Tasman has a great vibe about it. It's relaxed but totally professional. Their systems work like a well oiled machine - you know your load well in advance and the Pilatus Porter has quick turn arounds. The crew there are absolutely awesome and really accommodating to newer sport jumpers such as myself. Everyone was looked after really well. Did some coached FS jumps and lots of 2 ways plus a couple of solos. A variety of sport jumpers kept turning up, and there were the usual lot of tandems too. The pros were helpful with plenty of tips right from load organizing, dirt dives, free fall, canopy flight and help with packing too. Motueka, where the DZ is located, is a really cool little town. There are some nice cafes and pubs, plenty of accommodation options, and the stunning Abel Tasman park right next door. It's fairly easy to get to the DZ from Nelson (nearest airport). The drive is about 45 mins and there are buses and shuttles around. As a bonus, the weather is generally pretty good. Do I recommend Skydive Abel Tasman - oh yes, 100%+ :)