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  1. I was terrified. I had seen a skydiver fall to his death as a child in Canada and that image haunted me for over 40 years. I never jumped, despite most of my friends trying it over the eyars. But that was strange - normally I am a risk-taker, a fun girl who was Naui cerified in 1985, raced Porsches on a track for fun and isn't afraid of anything... except skydiving (ok, and hairy spiders). One day I decided enough is enough, I must do this! So I just up and called and next thing I know I had a jump time! From the moment I arrived at SkyDive Dubai, I felt I was in good hands! Greg was assigned to me. I explained that I was afraid, but determined to do this tandem jump! He was was so calm and confident that it immediately put me at ease. The anticipation in the plane is surreal. When I look at the great video and pictures SkyDive Dubai provided, I barely remember giving the thumbs up in the plane! But one thing I can see is that I was like a kid in candy store. Clapping with excitement. Never in a MILLION years did I think I could ever look that happy 3 minutes before jumping out of a plane! Anyway, the jump was incredible. Once I got used to the feeling like a hairdryer was blowing up my nose, it was amazing! The view just simply can't be beat. I live in JBR, exactly beside the dropzone. But seeing it, and the Dubai skyline and the Palm Jumeirah from 13,000 feet during the freefall was just mindblowing! My instructor, the equipment, the location, the venue... everything was just so fantastic! I have since been back and brought 7 friends to do it again! And as I type this, I can hear the SkyDive Dubai plane taking off with some lucky jumpers - which of course is making me want to call them right now and see if they have a spot open later today... Anyway, from a diehard scaredy cat to someone who feels they may need a skydiving "fix" every 6 months - I cannot say enough about SkyDive Dubai. Really just so fantastic! I recently heard - "When skydiving, don't worry about the fall - worry about the addiction." I think they may be right!