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  1. Thats terrible!!!. Care to elaborate?. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KcjJroPbPU&feature=share From commentary: Published on Jan 27, 2013 This is the clip of my premature parachute deployment at 10,500 ft as seen by my POV goggle camera. I'm in the process of climbing out onto the strut of the Cessna airplane for a poised exit when my spring-loaded pilot chute deploys. In glancing back over at the airplane door you can see the orange handle of my ripcord being dragged back towards the control console area of the plane by what appears to be the pilot's radio headset cord. There was a new under-instruction pilot Griding along in the area behind the pilot's seat, and the U/I had a radio headset on too. I'm pretty sure the umbilical between their two headsets got snagged on my ripcord handle and yanked it out causing this premature eject-ulation :) Sorry about the salt language in the video :( Hackey check at exit, young padawan. 182s have a lot of snag points. Watch the video Yoda. It's not a hackey. It's a plastic ripcord handle. No way Id have known. Little needy star wars skydivers trying to school an electrical engineer engineer lard.
  2. Horse shit. Two button presses I did ON THE GROUND. Quit being stupid.
  3. You mean other than making sure your handles were CLEAR, and not snagged on ANYTHING (pilots headset cable or anything else) before exiting? Of course we see you did make sure though your camera I see, was on and "all set". Oh yeah, that takes care of it completely, right? Clearly, you have nothing to learn here then, do you? - There's no way I could have known since I can't see my handle. The headset cable must have been underneathe it. My jumpmaster though, should have caught it. Since I'm not licensed and all, and that he was right there.
  4. My goggles camera requires ONE button push to turn on then ONE button push to start recording. I do this at zero feet altitude. After that they are GOGGLES. Truth is that video recording is a liability for DZOs.
  5. Trust me bud. It's a Dolphin rig with 288 main with spring loaded pilot for the main and a ripcord on THE RIGHTHAND SIDE.
  6. It was a student rig. The main has a spring loaded pilot. I do not have my A license yet.
  7. The camera exonerated me and shows there's not shit I could have done. The pilots should have drapped his fucking cable on the left.
  8. Yes, I concur. I doubletapped my handle in the door. They lied to me on the ground! "we have no clue why your chute came out!" I even got a discount on the jump when I expected an ass chewing for not protecting my handle.
  9. WTF are you talking about? This premature deployment happened because the pilot's headset cable got drapped over my ripcord. They were going to let ME have to live with the belief that I could have killed everyone in that C182 for something I could have never known ... I double tapped my handle in the door.
  10. Thats terrible!!!. Care to elaborate?. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KcjJroPbPU&feature=share
  11. OK, I gave you some knowledge, and you replied this -j Pick your poison dickhead, you can have it the way you want, or you can have the truth. In this case, it seems, you cannot have both as they are not the same thing. No need to be Uncivilized. Thank ya for the link brothah! Chill yall! It's cool . We're on the same team. Not everyone who tries to learn the truth is your enemy. My DZO is the best. I told him I wouldn't wear my video goggles anymore. I just wanted to know the truth. Since they won't tell me. Two weeks ago I could have died due to their negligence. And its a matter of video goggle history. Did I get a lawyer?
  12. Blah blah blah. I knew the spammers and trolls would engage at some point. I just like to know the rules, and while the DZO is free to bullshit me and enforce any arbitrary recomendations he likes, I'm free to take my cash to another DZ. The sword cuts both ways ya'll. Let's quit bullshitting people and propogate knowledge ... And with it .... Trust.
  13. Thank you. So, just so I'm clear: There's no FAR. There's no 200 jump rule. It is ONLY a USPA recommendation class C license.
  14. Please cite a link to this recommendation. Thank you in advance.
  15. Are you a lawyer? No, I'm an electrical engineer and a skydiver with only 30 jumps. There's a story behind why I want to know, but I'm on my cell typing this. I'll spew the details for your entertainment later, right now I'm just seeking personal knowledge. Your name isn't Gerardo Flores is it? Lol! No, but my shoelace WAS untied during my jump today. Call 411. Short story is that the DZ owner tried to bullshit me today with the FAA required 200 jump rule because of my POV video goggles, that they caught the reason for my premature deployment a few weeks ago, and because I'm not yet trusted.