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  1. A handful of people friend request me that I take on tandems and I don't mind it, but sometimes I don't accept some of them. I would love to hear from someone that I took on a tandem that started skydiving though. On a side note, this last summer I took a girl on a tandem and she went home and sent me a creepy message on FB. We have been dating ever since.
  2. How much do you want for one? I'd buy one.
  3. Sherry closed and took a job with the Air Force. I could get you in contact with her.
  4. Sherry is a jumper at my DZ. Her suits are top notch and everyone around here has them. I just picked up my first one from her a couple days ago and it is very nice.
  5. My parents and sister and her husband came to watch me do my tandem and when I landed I told my family that it was the coolest thing I had ever experienced and my mom said "I could do that." It wasn't 15 minutes later she was signing paperwork to jump. I already knew that I wanted to sign up for AFF before my tandem but first I wanted to experience a tandem before AFF, and now just 2 months after I did my tandem I am 3 skydives away from getting my A license.
  6. Spent all day at the DZ and got my first AFF jump in...It was amazing, everything went well....Ready for my next one.
  7. I did my first tandem 6 days ago and immediately signed up for AFF (I even got my mom to do a tandem). Had my class yesterday and I am doing my first AFF jump today. It looks like we will be getting a little rain around the time I am suppose to be jumping. Hopefully it blows by. I am so excited to be starting a new hobby and I have enjoyed lurking the forums for quite some time.