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  1. DSE, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it! You're right, and I should have thought about it more like that before...the car analogy is a great one. Realistically what I am looking for is a speed suit, to go fast and far. I'm not much in acro, but do it occasionally. I love burning lines in the sky with 2-3 friends and blasting around, not too much into docks, more into a group track. A long-term goal that I have set in mind for the next 5 odd years is to progress to wingsuit basing, and I want to make sure my path towards that end goal involves learning skills that will make me a safe, reasonable wingsuit flier at such a level, so I want to make sure the suits I fly correspond to the suits I'd fly in such an environment so I learn said skills and am an expert of my suit before I go into that type of jumping and perform solidly.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback y'all, I appreciate. I'm leaning on the side of buying it and jumping it for a while (>year) as of now. I'm still jumping a T-bird (and will be until I am close to a 100 WS jumps in it), I was just debating wherever or not it made sense to buy an older higher-performance suit, and progress more in said higher performance suit before moving to a top-range V4 or comparable, or buying a new V4 or comparable and jumping the T-bird until said suit arrives. I personally figured that the price difference between buying a used older SM1 more than outweighed the price/performance difference between the SM1 and the V4. Unless I severely underestimated the performance and quality of the SM1.
  3. Buying a new wingsuit, and found a good deal on with a SuperMach One, and was wondering if anyone here had any flight experience with it and could possibly compare it to other wingsuits currently in production? E.G is it a super high forward speed suit? Comparable to a modern PF Ghost or a S-Bird? Thanks for the input! Blue skies