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  1. I just took all videos in one. Some ppl will hate it some ppl will enjoy the 5 minutes. thanks cheers M.L.
  2. I closed the video but will upload it maybe soon. And no i am jumping not but this year i will do my AFF course. And i dont get it why i am a thief. Just because i try do better videos with their footage? And i post even the names and links so if i shouldnt do that they shouldnt post their stuff then for all [public] else they should post it on privat then. God i love people like Jeb Corliss, he says thanks for making videos you are a true fan. And not like others but okay.
  3. Check it out :) And gimme some tips what i can do better next time! Ty.
  4. Here it is my second video after "free fall" about Jeb Corliss. Soon he will be back! Hope you like it, cheers.
  5. Hey guys, i hope you will like it. It is my first video about Jeb Corliss. I think this person is a great personality. I hope we will see more of him, :) Enjoy it!!