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  1. Hey thanks for that. I have noticed that SPELL CHECK constantly changes handicam to handicap. Good one to watch out for. I will look more into Sony Vegas this winter. Hopefully get something together for a great start to next season. Thanks again for the feedback. Cheers.
  2. Hello, Not sure if this is the right place for this (maybe should be in the tandem thread), but I wanted to see who / if anybody had any good ideas on quick and quality video edits for our tandem hand cam vids. The only real info that some one shared with me was to use Sony Vega with Swoopware software to manage edits in a timely fashion. We really would like to send our customers home with their videos on the day of the jump, and really don't have all day to spend editing them. Any new ideas on different ways to do this would be superbly appreciated. Thanks, Mark [email protected]
  3. Hello, Wanted to see if anyone out there had some real and meaningful feedback as to why the BN2A Islander aircraft isn't employed more for medium sized tandem (and fun jumper)DZs. Before all the trolls wake up and "AH poo poo" this airplane, I would like someone to explain to me why this wouldn't be a reasonable step between a C182 and a Turbine. Seems to me to be the difference of $100s of thousand of dollars. What am I missing here? Thanks for the feedback