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  1. funjumpz

    Digital or Analog Altimeter

    I prefer multiple modes of altitude awareness. Wrist mount alti of some sort, and an audible alti to suit. When I started skydiving, I would also wear a chest mounted altimeter. It was GREAT on tracking dives and under canopy. Just look down and it's right there like an airplane instrument on the dash! It is SUPER nice to be altitude aware without much effort. To get crazy about it, use both! A digital wrist mount, and analog chest mount......why not an audible too!? Be safe, Have fun!
  2. I have been doing some new skydives with friends. It's called a fifty fifty! Whatever altitude you jump at...say 14,000, you cut that in half and pull by that altitude. In other words, jumping from 14,000, you would break off at 8,000 and pull by 7,000. This allows more airtime. You get a nice exit, good freefall, and a longer canopy ride. Also allows all the boneheads plenty of time to get out of my way so I can SWOOP! Make sure to tell the pilot and everyone else what you are doing. Blue Skies!!! Be Safe, Have Fun!
  3. funjumpz


    All I can say is WOW! New technology rocks! Many small things make this canopy an amazing flier! for one thing, you are closer to the canopy due to a very short lineset. This makes it fly touchy like a crossbraced canopy, but still flies like a parachute, not a wing. The angle of attack on the canopy is set up as if it is always in rear risers. To me this is a huge advantage. When I plane out, I don't have to hold rears anymore, it already does it, and it is a smooth transition to brakes, offering quite a bit more distance to the swoop. The tight flying is very fun, and this canopy recovers very fast if you want it to. I am still amazed at how much range this canopy has. it floats great, it dives hard when you want it to, and it can be landed in a small area easily. I love my BLADE!!!!! Do yourself a favor, and at least DEMO one.