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  1. Just seen the vid... Luckily for me just last week I took a boring club one and altered it instead...
  2. Got my custom container a few weeks back!! Only took me a week to choose colours! (:
  3. That is indeed exactly what I want! Thank you!! (:
  4. Hey there. I've already spoke to him thanks for the suggestion!! (: Choosing a suit is way too hard a job I swear! But fierce exciting! ;) Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for that Dave!! And just remember I dont fall slowly ok!!! :P But yes v tight or even spray on will be what im going for haha.
  6. Hiya folks. Im on the market for a FF suit and have been eyeing up skeleton patterned ones. Anyone know of anyone who makes these? I found someone to make me a suit before but she hasnt done a skeleton one before and I'll either have to send her pictures of a good one or find someone else to make it! Any info for me? (:
  7. Been having some serious dodgey dreams lately. My last one was a very low reserve opening which I actually landed with the canopy folded in my hand? Apparently I have some strong bones! (: Getting my first rig in a couple weeks I'm thinking I may be somewhat nervous about jumping it!! Anyone else get these kinda dreams before jumping something new? Not saying I'm freaking out or anything! ;) At the same time can't wait to jump it! Finally rid of bruising student gear :D
  8. True. I think i'll have to just save up and buy one of each, maybe cheap RW seeing not really that interested in it but will probably do a bit, very interested in FF though, might get nicer suit for that. Unfortunately I'm a stupid size so there's not a chance of me finding a second hand one to fit. Gonna have to invest in custom made. Had to do the same with my rig! Thanks for that.
  9. Hi all. Am currently in the process of buying my own gear and all and next on the list is a suit. I'm still on student progression for now but plan on getting into free flying in the future. Was wondering what suits people might recommend? I plan on getting flat grips on it for when I do a tiny bit of RW but free flying is what im going for like! Keeping in mind im a poor student haha. Any info would be appreciated! (: