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  1. im currently jumping a katana 120, i have 967 jumps and want to move to a velocity 96 my wingloading on the velo will be 2.2 any advise ?? cheers
  2. can u please tellme what the two diferent preformance goals are, there both ment for turf surfing. even in light downwinders he doesnt have to run too hard.
  3. my dads trying to decide on weather to get a katana 120 or a crossfire 2 119 he wants the canopy for hp landings. hes 42 yrs of age and has a few old injurys and doesnt want to run the landings out as hes a bit of a bad back. he likes his crossfire 139 because he only has to take a couple of steps in nill wind days at the end of his flair he is worried that he will have to run it out on the katana 120 because he has heard that the katanas bottom end flair isnt as good as the crossfire. can any body that owns a katana 120 please comment on my post his WL would be 1.8