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  1. Ok still new Has any DZ banned full face helmets? If they have why how are they dangerous?
  2. lost my cool just reality bites , No more whining on here
  3. lost my cool just reality bites , No more whining on here
  4. show up put beer in fridge Manifest load put parachute on Gear check Asked what i altitude i am pulling at told who i am after ride plane jump PACK my own chute repeat I do not gossip start trouble Fart and when asked Hey buddy I always make eye contact. I do not try to pick up the DZ women not that i have a chance but I am careful so What the hell him i doing wrong i was told you make your self look like a pest trying to beg your way on a crew jump so I have not asked was told in AFF when experienced skydivers see your ready they will ask you. i passed aff on first try 8 or 9 jumps had my license in 26 jumps i do not do hook turn crowd groups have not caused or been involved in any accidents so Except for the mini riot here on the DROPZONE website which i just made many enemys I guess i just need to be patient and earn my turn i just thought it would not take as long
  5. I knew it would not come over night i knew you have to earn your stripes 1. If i was a dick head it was when they said hey you what altitude you pulling at and i said 3500. Should i have said 3 or 4000? 2. The smell in that plane is not me. I have been able so far not gas on the plane 3 RULE Shut up and listen to people that have more jumps then you 4.RULE everyone has more jumps then you Reading the forum how drop zones retain skydivers set me off Did not mean to start a attack I probably just have not been there long enough only started 6 months ago 75 jumps Actually like the name BUDDY At least its close when they say HEY buddy you sit there, Still wishing I got the motorcycle
  6. Are you a skydiver or a tourist? When going around getting up a outside food order do they ask the guy on the left of the bench and the right of the bench and skip you like a sand bag in the middle. have you ever been called by your name or just hey you what altitude you pulling at. Have you done more then 40 solos in a row cause no one asked you to join a crew? Maksimsf if you would have told me you had 40 jumps or 4000 jumps I would have said YES if at your DZ and asked to jump. Yes my JOB to speak UP or SHUT up and LEARN I chose to shut up and learn I learned no matter how many jumps you got everyone else will have more an I also learned I can not afford to buy my Good old skydiving buddies Next time you sky gods get some Geek shows up wants to skydive and have buddies Give the old guy a break save him some money Tell him your not one of us you never will be save your money go home or go and Buy a bike Bitches love guys on motorcycles. Just once .
  7. Have you ever been to build a bear? I rather jump without a chute Well great attitudes all around I guess doing 75 or more jumps no not a lot of jumps but a hell of a lot of money tipping every person from the packer instructor manifest coach. I was such a big impact that I bet anyone on this site not 3 people down there except for MAYBE manifest could call me by name. SO EARN FRIENDS how much do skydiving friends cost?
  8. 3. flock to the place and fill up the loads Dan sounds like you found your home DZ. A place like that I would flock to. Asked if I could just watch a parachute being packed said that will come later. How do you get your a license when you never packed a chute? Answer pay 85 bucks for your next level ask again when your signed off? Most people pay packers anyway
  9. Well, for starters they took me as a student after another DZ told me to hit the road after they had passed me on AFF A and B jumps, because I got motion sick. The owner, staff, and all involved function more like a bunch of friends than a business and customers. Going for the 5 items...... Yes someone showed me about packing without me asking. Those that know I have a problem with motion sickness often ask me how I am doing. Maybe it is concern for their car or hair but they seem to care. It don't matter if you are jumping or not, everyone is right in the middle of everything. Great concern about safety and following the FAA rules to the letter. Just Saturday all students were pulled from a load (after we were on the plane) because the winds were 7 gusting to 14 and the DZO thought "better not". People drive pass one DZ and three hours down the road to get there. If I said more you would, 1. think I was lying 2. think I owned a share of the business 3. flock to the place and fill up the loads
  10. You told the story better then I ever could from first hand experience, Thanks Dave. 1. You are just a number 2. We are here to have fun screw the tourist but hey if they kiss my ass i might to a trick 3. Next customer
  11. Also if I wanted to bash the dropzone"S that treat all customers like walking dollar signs I SURE would have listed them in my profile that/s why my profile is not listing a dropzone. But Dave thanks for listing yours So minimum required is what you provide at your dropzone unless I kiss ass? Just a # manifest sends. Wow thanks glad to know one more dropzone I will not go to.
  12. Your right. I got what i payed for. I was looking for friends and something to do. ll i can sky dive who need friends right? the party starts after the TOURIST leave do not hang around for a invite cause it is not coming Was thinking MY 3 grand was good for a beer but never got a invite . AND yes a brought beer put it in the DZ fridge
  13. So how many jumps does someone have to make before you stop calling them a tourist behind their back? Also at what point does someone who pays to jump at your dropzone become more then just a dollar sign? I do not mind paying to jump But IF you are just running a Disney Land amusement ride of tandems and lighting fast jumps and aff speed classes then why do you not treat me like Disney Land and at least dress up like mickey mouse and give my kid a ice cream. What is the difference between a dropzone of tourists and the carnival ? Because they both treat customers like meat and each head is a dollar sign. Sucker born every minute right? Learn to talk softer or at least wait until US tourist have left for the day.
  14. BUT will it make you come back to skydiving or did that extra effort make you feel like you wanted to go back to that dropzone because you felt like they gave the extra effort WHAT has a dropzone done for you to make you want to come back outside of risking their life's for your money cause it sure was not for you You are a dollar sign no matter what they tell you unless you hang around long enough and pay them enough It was not for DAN it was for BEN FRANKLIN LOTS OF THEM Loving the Fuck up students that they make bets on and laugh behind their back at How stupid they are. And how much money they will make off the ones who they know have no chance of making it but sure as hell take every fucking penny from them . Making bets on how many jumps they will last Hey lets be nice for a second cause they still got a little money left and might go somewhere that actually teaches skydiving instead of taking money just for letting someone jump out of their plane and with me the great sky god. Treating the ones like my self who breeze through training with no problem also like a dollar want to help me get a parachute yeah here.s a catalog and order form their eyes light up thinking about that commision and i bet not one mother fucker there knows my name or ever asked me to stay for a beer, So what makes you want to go back to a dropzone? Cause I sure would like to find some that act anything like the people that post on these forums At what point do you bring them in to your private little group OR some just TOURIST i believe you call them forever or until their money is gone?