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  1. Silicon Valley Skydiving, former Skydive Hollister, opened its doors in 1984 as Adventure Center Skydiving and has served the San Francisco, San Jose and the entire Bay Area ever since. Offering tandem jumps, AFF, jump tickets, gear rentals, and various skills coaching and training, we are the only USPA Skydiving Training Center 1h drive from San Francisco and less than 30 minutes drive from San Jose. Sandwiched between San Jose and Monterey Bay, you can see the ocean and coastline, Sierra Nevadas, Santa Lucia Mountain Range, and perhaps even the Golden Gate Bridge! Maybe. WE LOVE TRAINING AFF STUDENTS TO GET THEIR LICENSE. We have Accelerated Freefall students jumping and graduating with us almost every weekend, going on to earn their A-license with us and beyond. Here's more info on our different AFF packages and their prices. Unlike other tandem-oriented DZs, we love fun jumpers! Jump tickets to 13,000 feet are $32, and we also offer gear rental if you don't have your own rig (rentals are first come first served, and AFF students get priority, so get here on time!). Skills need work? Yeah, we have coaches! Call us to make sure: 1-800-FUN-JUMP